AgriTech Initiatives

The Indian Association For Food & Agricultural Technology Development (IAFAT) promotes innovation and technology by combining key components that help in the growth of the agriculture and food sector in India.

Our organization offers a wide range of agritech initiatives that are tailored to the needs of stakeholders across the sector. These initiatives are designed to help farmers and other stakeholders to improve efficiency, increase productivity, and promote sustainable growth and development.

Precision farming

Our precision farming solutions use AI, data analytics, and IoT technologies to optimize crop yield, reduce waste, increase efficiency, and also remove major risks. Our precision farming initiatives include remote sensing, GIS mapping, Drones mapping, and other advanced techniques.


Our agri-machinery initiatives include the development of new machinery and equipment that can help farmers to increase efficiency and productivity. We also provide training and support to help farmers optimize the use of these tools.

Crop improvement

Our crop improvement initiatives focus on developing new crop varieties that are more resilient to climate change, pests, and diseases. We also work to improve crop quality and nutritional content.

Food processing

A range of food processing solutions that are designed to improve efficiency, reduce waste, and improve food safety. Our solutions include everything from advanced processing equipment to new packaging materials.


Access to agri-finance solutions to help farmers to invest in new technologies, equipment, and other resources. We also work to improve financial literacy among farmers and promote responsible lending practices.

Knowledge sharing

Finally, we are committed to knowledge sharing and capacity building. We offer training programs, workshops, and other initiatives that are designed to help farmers, researchers, and other stakeholders stay up to date with the latest trends and best practices in the food and agricultural sector.