Conference Background

The AgriTech ecosystem has attracted a surge of startups in India offering technology-based solutions like offtake marketplaces, storage and transportation services, and agronomy advisory services while large traditional players seek to reduce operational costs and manage scale more efficiently. India’s Budget 2022-23 also contains provisions to support ‘digital agriculture’. Developments in AgriTech are hugely relevant to India’s economy. Its agriculture sector, which is worth US$370 billion, continues to remain the main source of livelihood for over 40 percent of the population and contributes 19.9 percent (FY 2021) to the national GDP

The AgriTech National Roundtable Conference (ANRC) 2023, brings the agri-food-tech community together to tackle the biggest challenges in agriculture and food in exciting and innovative ways. In it’s first year, the ANRC boasts an audience of all stakeholders in India’s flourishing AgriTech ecosystem, as well as expert speaking faculty comprised of growers, agribusinesses, corporates, start-ups, investors, and government agencies. Providing a bird’s-eye view of how technologies are increasing productivity for some of the largest farming system in India, the ANRC explores how tech collaborations are helping bring advanced AgriTech solutions to scale.

Conference Chairs

Ms. Lily Prasad
Chief Technology Officer Food Safety & Standards Authority of India (FSSAI)
Dr. C. Vishwanathan
Joint Director (Research) Indian Agriculture Research Institute Pusa Institute
Dr. Ganesh Sharma
Director - NCONF
Mr. Radheyshyam Dixit
Director Society for Sustainable Development

Conference (ANRC)'23